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New site ... new work

Long time .. no seen

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here .. Things have happened a bit here … Snowstorm … but it was January. Since then, I have been very busy making jewelry. Pictures coming … These pictures are from recent days here in Northern Sweden … As I wrote before, I have made some …

New site ... new work

Challenges ..

At the beginning of summer when we celebrated my husband’s relative his 40 years birthday … I got a really fun challenge. One of our relatives decided that I should make her a cardigan holderclip. And of course it was a real challenge … Then I came up with a nice design. Mixed 2 different …

New site ... new work

“Drop of Hope”

And so the summer is over. Autumn has come with the cold and the darkness. The month of September has been exciting .. with my exhibition in Umeå. Of course I was worried … and excited about how it would go … and it turned out ok. Since September is the month when here in …

Exhibition in Umeå

I will have my first exhibition in Sweden. I have already had an exhibition in Estonia which was a success. Here is information about place … time ..

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